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About Forrest Gump

Release Date: 6th July
Rating: PG-13

Year    :   1994
By    :   Director Robert Zemeckis
Slogan    :   Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get
Genre    :   Drama , Romance
Time    :   142 min. / 2:22
Budget    :    $55,000,000
Age    :   12+

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.5

Academy Award for Best Picture

“Forrest Gump,” triumphed  at the 67th Academy Awards, sweeping all three major awards for which it was nominated, including best picture. Robert Zemeckis won the Oscar for best director, and Tom Hanks was named best actor for his performance in the title role.

“Gump” also won Oscars for film editing, visual effects and best adapted screenplay, by Eric Roth, based on Winston Groom’s novel.

  • Academy Award for Best Actor
  • Academy Award for Best Director
  • Academy Award for Best Visual Effects
  • Academy Award for Best Film Editing

//     Academy Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay

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    24th Highest Grossing Film in History
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    The Bench Forrest Sat on Sold For $25,000
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    The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. has 39 Locations

Rating by Professionals

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Quite simply, the greatest film ever made. Humour, sadness, action, drama and a Vietnam film all rolled into one. I’m not a stone cold, heartless villain, but it takes a lot to make me cry when I watch a movie. Bambi’s mother, I couldn’t care less. Jimmy Stewart in, “Oh, what a wonderful life,” – yeah right! The Lion King, when Mufasa bites the big one – on the verge. But seriously – I bawled my big brown eyes out, on several occasions in this film. A real tear-jerker, and a wonderful character, played to perfection by Tom Hanks. Every bit as worthy for the Oscar as Rooney was to win the Premiership in 2007. I cannot say it enough: This is THE film of all time. Watch it, and you’ll see.
When I first saw this movie I didn’t appreciate it like I do now. I think it may have been because I was so young when I first saw it. Just recently I saw the movie again. What an amazing story and moving meaning. That movie teaches you so much about life and the meaning of it. That life isn’t as bad as most people make it seem. That an innocent man can impact so many lives with his innocence. The meaning of the movie to me is that everyone needs to have a better outlook on life. That we need to appreciate more of the little things and not let the big things hold us back. That truly although life may throw us trials and tribulations like a box of chocolates but that we have to just bite into it and get through it even if we don’t like it. That we all need to hold true to our values and not sink into a place that feels like there’s no hope… I just love this movie. And anyone who hasn’t seen it or who thinks that don’t like it I seriously suggest seeing it or seeing it again. It truly is amazing…
I have seen this movie easily a half a dozen times, and I find that the beauty of the film is how Forrest Gump not only shares his innocence and purity with others, including the audience, he also manages to retain that innocence and purity through some very difficult times. As a Viet Nam veteran, and a college graduate of the late Sixties, I could of course personally relate to the various periods that Forrest Gump endures. I would only mention that the skillful and seamless blending of music, action, and period costume was enthralling. And yet it was so perfectly understated that Forrest Gump’s travels through thirty five years of the stormiest and most meaningful years of American history only became clearly defined for the viewer. Even more so than the well known chocolates quote as a metaphor for life, I felt that the remark that stupid is what you do is probably more workable for most of us.
This awesome movie is about an innocent man who represents how the world should be: he’s loyal, humble, honest, he would never cheat or lie. He does everything with good heart and reaches success at the most important tasks of life. Only in America he could live such an interesting life: meet Elvis Presley, President Kennedy, John Lennon… He goes to Vietnam’s war and he does everything following his heart. He becomes an American hero. Gary Sinise is a great American actor in his best performance too. He served in Vietnam with Forrest and was also a hero, protecting his men and fighting for his country. All in all this is a must-see movie for everyone, specially for non-Americans, so we can enjoy American culture and icons, as well as learn some American history, which is very useful.


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“Passionate and magical, Forrest Gump is a tonic for the weary of spirit”

Rolling Stone:

“A movie heart-breaker of oddball wit and startling grace”

Chicago Sun:

“What a magical movie”



A remarkable balance of sentimentality and harshness, darkness and light -Austin Chronicle


The film's technical brilliance and sentimental kick seduced many viewers unsuspecting of its polemical intent -Mr.Showbiz

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